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Three Things to Look for from Your Hotel

People spend nights in a hotel room for two main reasons: either for recreational or business. Business travelers often overlook their comforts because they will leave as soon as they finish their deals. But to those who decide to book a room for the recreational purpose, the hotel’s amenities and services should be the essential factors to consider.

Nevertheless, you have all the rights to be picky because you are a paying customer. And here are three things to look for from a hotel room to maximize your enjoyment during the stay.

The Room’s Design

smartly designed roomNot all hotel rooms are built to match your style. To some people, the room’s interior may not be a problem, but to others, it may make them unable to sleep or stay indoors comfortably. The worst thing about this phenomenon is that you may not realize it yourself. All you feel is only the discomforts and uneasy feeling.

First, the room’s lighting is a significant factor that can affect your emotional state. Not all people like to stay in a place that is too colorful and bright. Such a color tone makes sleeping difficult and enforces one’s emotion to be always agitated and restless. You need a hotel room that provides a warm and gentle atmosphere. And usually, wood elements create that effect.

You can observe the interior from the window as it is the only natural light entrance point of most hotel rooms. The difference between real wood and faux wood blinds matters. Faux wood blinds may give you a slightly artificial feeling since it is made of composite wood and PVC (Polyvinyl Chloride/Plastics) materials. If your olfactory organs are sensitive, you also may not like the smell of the blind.

The Amenities and Hospitality

hotel hospitalityFive-star hotels have complimentary drinks for their clients. Advance room service, spa access, and other amenities are also their standards. You do not have to worry about your comforts if you book a five-star room. However, it does not mean that you should accept a lousy service from hotels with lower-rate stars.

It is best to tell your expectation by the time you book the hotel. Today, most deals are executed on mobile apps and from sites. As a consequence, what you see is not always what you will get. It will be better and more ensuring if you reach the hotel staff directly and have a real conversation. You can also evaluate their hospitality in that way.

Future Benefits

If you have a favorite place to visit, you can try the membership package of the hotel. It can include bonuses like staying in the high-end room with a discounted price, free transportation service to famous tourist spots, or free access to the hotel’s extra facilities (like spa/message/jacuzzi).

The hotel business is very competitive these days, and thus, you should not be loyal to a hotel that does not give you any benefits for becoming a returning client. Rely on your gadget to do a little bit of investigative work to find a hotel with proper generosity.